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Updated 26-Mar-2018

Here you will find links of a nautical nature or that are in some way related to Hood. Sites are arranged under a variety of topics and in alphabetical order. If you have a site that fits one of the areas listed below, please feel free to submit a link to our site. We reserve the right to accept or decline any link requests. Additionally, if you know of a site listed here that is no longer active or has moved, please do let us know.

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H.M.S. Hood-Specific Sites

Battle of the Atlantic Museum - HMS Hood
Website covering Canadian involvement in the Battle of the Atlantic.

Blue Water Recoveries Ltd
Deep sea experts specialising in wreck research, accident investigation, expedition management, salvage operations and more. Discoverers of Hood's wreck.

Boldre and South Baddesley Benefice
Website covering the Church of St Mary the Virgin, St Nicholas Chapel, and the Church of St John the Baptist. The Church of St John the Baptist holds a large public service for Hood annually.

Durness Web Site
The Durness Community has a special relationship with H.M.S. Hood due to the time she spent in Loch Ewe. Please visit to learn more.

H.M.S. Hood
A Czech fan page relating to Hood.

Hood Peerage Pedigree, The
Site which details the pedigree of the Somerset & Dorset 'Hood' sea-faring family.

Laid Residents Association
Site about the Scottish township of Laid near Durness and Loch Eriboll.

Scapa Flow Visitor Centre & Musuem, Lyness, Orkney
Site about the museum at Scapa Flow. The museum tells the story of the anchorage during World Wars One and Two.

Training Ship Hood (Nautical Training Corps), The
TS Hood is based in Anerley South London and offers young people training and adventure.

Titan Clydebank
The website of the famous Titan Crane at Clydebank, Scotland. Visitors can tour the famous crane that built many famous ships to include H.M.S. Hood.

Official/Prominent Agencies, Groups & Museums

Commonwealth War Graves Commission
Official web site of the agency in charge of all UK war memorials world-wide.

The official website of The Museum of Naval Firepower. The museum is EXCELLENT and offers a hands-on, interactive museum telling the story of naval warfare from the days of gunpowder to modern missiles.

Official web site of the Hampshire County Council.

Imperial War Museum
Official web site of the superb museum.

National Archives, The
Official website of the United Kingdom's spectacular national archive (formerly the Public Record Office). Home of most of the official records concerning Hood.

National Maritime Museum
Official web site of this excellent institution. Home of Hood's plans and "cover". Excellent resources.

NAUSICAÄ - French National Sea Experience Centre
Science centre entirely dedicated to the relationship between Mankind and the Sea. Its goal is to incite the general public to discover and love the sea, while raising awareness on the need for a better management of marine resources.

Navy News
The online news of the Royal Navy

Northeast War Memorials Project
Listing of

Royal Naval Association
Excellent website showing all known war memorial in the northeast.

Royal Navy
Official web site of Britain's legendary navy.

British/Commonwealth Forces and Veterans Sites

A Midshipman's War by Frank Wade
A look at Mr Wade's service in World War 2.

Axford's Abode (Naval Section)
Royal Navy site featuring many things, to include H.M.S. Cassandra Association and H.M.S. Bronington.

British Armed Forces & National Service
Brief history of every regiment/unit of British Armed Forces from WW2 to present day.

Force 'Z' Survivors Association
Website of the 'H.M.S. Prince of Wales and H.M.S. Repulse Survivors Association'.

Forces Reunited
Largest database of Forces and Ex-Forces Personnel on the web, run by Ex-Forces Personnel.

Friends of H.M.S. Formidable
Website of the H.M.S. Formidable Association - the veterans, families and friends of the Second World War Aircraft Carrier H.M.S. Formidable.

Godfrey Dykes Navy Things
Site containing many extremely interesting and multi-faceted articles relating to the Navy (with some specific content devoted to Hood as well).

H.M.S. Arethusa
The story of the torpedoing of H.M.S. Arethusa including a full casualty list for 18th November 1942

H.M.S. Asphodel
A website about a Flower class corvette lost in the Second World War

H.M.S. Barfleur
A history of destroyer H.M.S.Barfleur's 1944-1946 Pacific commission.

H.M.S. Barham Survivors Association Home Page
Official website of the H.M.S. Barham Survivors Association.

H.M.S. Conway
Website devoted to the training ship Conway and to those who served in her.

H.M.S. Cossack Association
Official website of the veterans, families and friends of all the Royal Navy vessels named Cossack.

H.M.S. Dorsetshire
Site devoted to the famous warship of World War 2

H.M.S. Dunedin Association
Website devoted to the 419 men who died in the loss of H.M.S. Dunedin in November 1941.

H.M.S. Fiji Association
Official website of the veterans, families and friends of H.M.S. Fiji, lost off Crete in 1941.

H.M.S. Gambia Association
A site of individual resource telling of the history in pictures, text & Video, of the service of H.M.S. Gambia/H.M.N.Z.S. Gambia. Also contains photographs of reunions with some former crew.

H.M.S. Ganges Association
For all who served at H.M.S. Ganges and H.M.S. St. George between 1905 - 1976.

H.M.S. Glorious Ardent & Acasta Association
Site dedicated to the memory of the men who served in HM Ships Glorious, Ardent & Acasta.

H.M.S. Opossum Association
Site for crew, family & friends who served on the U33 Sloop, F33 Frigate & S19 Submarine 'Opossum'.

H.M.S. Ramillies
Photographs 1930 - 1945 from H.M.S. Ramillies, Royal Sovereign class Battleship.

H.M.S. Rodney Home Page
Number one site for the famous big gun battleship that defeated Bismarck.

H.M.S. Solebay Association
Site devoted to the Solebay, the "Battle" class destroyers and the men who served aboard them.

H.M.S. Warspite
Excellent site dedicated to describing and depicting Warspite and her sister ships of the Queen Elizabeth class.

Memorials and Monuments in Portsmouth, UK
Excellent coverage of all memorials and monuments in Pompey.

MOD Reunited
The safe and secure way to contact old colleagues from the military.

Naval Club of Toronto
Home of the Royal Naval Association Southern Ontario & Royal Marines Association Ontario.

A superb compendium of information on practically all aspects of the British Royal Navy and Royal Marines during the 20th Century. Includes extremely thorough casualty listings for UK and US naval forces alike.

Navy Records Society
This organization publishes original documents on the Royal Navy, providing a valuable source for serving officers, scholars and all those interested in British naval history and the development of naval power generally.

Nga Toa: New Zealand Veterans of WWII Oral History Site
Collection of Oral History from New Zealand's World War 2 Veterans. This collection encompases the Kiwi Veterans from all services during the war, featuring unique stories from many of the major theaters of WW2.

North East War Memorials Project
AN excellent site devoted to identifying all war memorials located between the River Tweed and River Tees.

Old Oppos
Details of RN, RM and FAA units with reunion and association information enabling former shipmates renew old friendships, exchange dits. Maintain the spirit of comradeship found only in the Royal Navy.

Regulating Branch Association (93)
The official website of the Regulating Branch Association (93). A website for both current and past serving members of the Royal Navy Regulating Branch.

Royal Maritime Club
A first class club offering hotel and leisure facilities to serving and ex-serving ratings of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines.

Royal Naval Association (Australia) N.S.W. Branch
Official web site of the NSW Australia branch of the Royal Naval Association.

Royal Naval Association Southern Ontario Branch
The official website of the Royal Naval Association of Southern Ontario, Canada.

Royal Naval Communications Association
Association run for and by ex and serving naval communicators. Plenty of articles included plus a wicked naval humour section which does offend the polictically correct!

Royal Navy Flag Officers, 1904-1945
In-depth and well-researched website coverng Admirals and various aspects of Britain's Royal Navy during the "Dreadnought" era, 1904-1945.

Royal Navy Officers 1939-1945
Well-researched website which contains career data for many of the World War Two era Royal Navy's command level officers.

Royal Navy Ships of Victor Johns, The
Excellent site which examines Mr Johns'career and the ships he served in.

Scottish Military Research Group
A registered charity focused on all aspects of Scotland's military history.

Seafarers UK (King George's Fund for Sailors)
A noble establishment that makes grants to nautical charities which look after the welfare needs of seafarers and their families.

T.S Hornet Gosport Sea Cadet Unit
The Sea cadets are the UK's oldest youth organisation, offering training for young people aged 10-18 years old in a variety of subjects.

The Victoria
Site covering the recipients of Britain's highest military honour.

United Kingdom National Defence Association (UKNDA)
The UKNDA actively campaigns for sufficient, appropriate and fully funded armed forces. Their noble goal is to ensure the effective defence of the United Kingdom, its people, their security and vital interests at home and worldwide.

World War II, A British Focus
British aspects of World War II. UK-related research information and tips.

Warship, Military and Veteran Sites (non UK)

3D History
Superb website highlighting the absolutely wonderful warship computer graphics of artist Thomas Schmid.

Aircraft Carriers of World War II
A great site devoted to the carriers of all the major combatants of the war.

A wonderful French language site devoted to the French Navy, Merchant Marine and Fishing Fleets during the Second World War.

Americans in World War II
An interesting essay covering key elements of the USA's involvement in World War II.

A rallying place for all Dutch sailors of both Navy and Merchant ships and their allied friends.

Battle of the Atlantic
This site offers a comprehensive history of the Battle of the Atlantic.

Battleship Bismarck
Excellent coverage of the Bismarck and crew. Includes original German documents in its archive.

Battleship Bismarck, the True Face of a Warship
Superb website covering a unique in-depth project documenting the ship and her crew.

Battleship Bismarck 3D
A site with detailed 3D drawings of the German battleship Bismarck.

Battleship New Jersey Historical Museum Society
The society participates, assists and supports the daily operation of the battleship U.S.S. New Jersey, BB-62.

Bismarck and Tirpitz
Excellent coverage of the German battleships Bismarck and Tirpitz. Includes many rare photos.

Bismarck Legend Lives, The
A great Turkish site devoted to Bismarck. Highly respectful, and features great 3D renderings.

Danish Naval History 1801 - 2001
Stories and events of the Royal Danish Navy 1801-2001.

Documentatiegroep '40-'45
Main site for the Dutch society of World War II collectors.

Dreadnought Project, The
A collaborative effort to study and model the ships and naval systems from the World War I era.

Dutch Submarine Hr.Ms.Potvis
Site devoted to the unique design, triple hulled Dutch submarine Hr.Ms.Potvis.

Dutch Submarines: The Submarines of the Royal Netherlands Navy
Review the history of the Royal Netherlands Navy Submarine Service.

Empress of Asia
Reseaching the Canadian Pacific Steamship Empress of Asia, a Vancouver (Canada) registered ship that was lost by aerial bombardment while entering Singapore on February 5th, 1942. The German Kriegsmarine in World War II
Coverage of all aspects of the Third Reich's Navy in World War II.

Fighter Combat International
A renowned and recognized air combat school, Fighter combat offers the opportunity to fly a real world-class air planes with real military fighter pilots.

Foro Segunda Guerra Mundial
Spanish language forum dedicated to the study of Word War II

German Naval History
History as well as 3D models/graphics of the various World War II German naval combatants.

A very large Spanish language site dedicated to South American maritime history.

Important People of World War II
An interesting list of individuals who played key parts in the Second World War.

Kilroy Was Here
Unknown stories & forgotten places. WWII & Korean war Secrets. Unknown stories revealed & places rediscovered Personal stories of combat & home front, legends, Gremlins & foofighters.

L'Association des Anciens Marins de Mers-el-Kébir
Official website of the Association for the victims and families of the action at Mers-el-Kebir.

La Decouverte
French language website devoted to the warship La Decouverte and the Free French naval forces of the Second World War.

Malta GC
Great website devoted to covering the contributions of Malta in the defeat of the Axis from 1941 to 1943. - Kriegsschiffe der Welt
Excellent ever-expanding German language website covering the warships of World War II.

Mers-El-Kebir - Les Marins Oubliés (The Forgotten Sailors)
French language website of the Association Mers-El-Kebir of 03 July 1940. The website covers the group's efforts to have the bodies of the 1300+ victims of Force H returned to France.

A military image gallery and discussion forum. Upload your military related photos and imagery.

Naval Historical Collectors & Research Association
For those interested in naval/maritime history. Quarterly magazine 'The Review' published for members. Various articles, medal rolls and an expanding picture gallery all included in site.

Naval Weapons, Naval Technology and Naval Reunions.

Nursing and Medicine During World War II
An informative look at the role of female nurses during the Second World War.

Prinz Eugen Dot Com
Kriegsmarine online Archive. Photos and plans of Kriegsmarine ships.

Regia Marina Italiana
History of the Italian Navy from June 1940 to September 1943. Bilingual (English/Italian) site.

Royal Netherlands Navy Warships of World War II
All-round site about the Royal Netherlands Navy during the Second World War.
The largest English-language Internet site on the Russian Navy. It also covers recent scientific information, concerning marine research and technologies all over the world.

Schwerer Kreuzer Prinz Eugen
Impressive German language website with many unique and interesting photos of Prinz Eugen.
Battleships, battlecruisers, cruisers and other ships and operations of the second World War.

Schlachtschiff Bismarck - Das wahre Gesicht eines Schiffes
Page devoted to the excellent new series of book covering all facets of the battleship Bismarck. Highly recommended.

Schlachtschiff Scharnhorst
Impressive German language website containing many unique photos of the Scharnhorst.

Tortoise Page World War 2 Links
Very well-rounded and in-depth coverage of links covering the Second World War.

U.S.S. Indianapolis CA-35 Still at Sea
Official website of the veterans of the ill-fated US Navy heavy cruiser, U.S.S. Indianapolis.

Viribus Unitis 3D Project
Impressive website covering the Austro-Hungarian battleship Viribus Unitis, lost in late 1918.

Warships of the Spanish Civil War
Coverage of the warships involved in the late 1930's Spanish Civil War. Bilingual (Spanish/English) site.

Warships on the Web
Excellent coverage of all the world's armoured warships.

World War 1 Naval Combat
World War 1 Naval warfare including the Battle of Jutland, Coronel, the Falklands and much more.

World War II Cars, Tanks and Airplanes
Resouce page with information on transportation and battle machines used during the Second World War.

World War 2 Cruiser Operations
Coverage of cruiser classes of the Second World War.

World War 2 Timeline, The
Comprehensive timeline of World War 2, that covers every event, day by day from 1939 through to 1945.

World War II – An Overview with Terms & Definitions
World War 2 Information including weapons, tanks, planes, ships, facts and more.

WW2 Battlefield Relics
A virtual museum that displays artifacts discovered on the battlegrounds of WW2.

WW2 Battleships
Fighting battleships in WW2.


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Leysen Ship Agency Paranagua Brazil
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Lost Treasures of the Seven Seas - Ocean Research Group
Underwater lost treasures website, dedicated to all genuine treasure lovers, unerwater archaeology and maritime history re-discovered. .

Maritime Art of James A. Flood, The
The James A. Flood print collection offers a wide variety of prints depicting historic battleships and ocean liners.

Maritime History Resources
An excellent guide to maritime history.

Maritime Prints
Limited edition prints of watercolours, oil paintings and etchings by some of the leading maritime artists of the early-mid 20th century.

Model Airplanes and Ships
Warplanes offers handmade model airplanes, model ships, military model aircraft, model helicopters, aviation models, mahogany models, and other wood models. Their catalog features model jets, World War 1 and 2 model airplanes, tall sailing ships models, model submarines, military plaques and more.

Specialist Naval book sellers and publisher. Publisher of 'Warship World' magazine.

Mesothelioma Resource Online
Information resource concerning Mesothelioma cancer.

Ships Badges
Small UK-based company specialising in creating highly recommended polished brass Royal Navy badges.

Ships Monthly
The official website of Ships Monthly magazine, Britain's best selling magazine for ship enthusiasts.

Wright and Logan Photograph Collection
The Royal Navy Museum now owns the extensive Wright & Logan collection of photos.
This includes many images of Hood. Affordably priced, high quality and legal prints can be obtained via their website.