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Biography of W.R. "Tubby" Salter (1897-1945)
By Ray Casey
Updated 06-May-2014

William Richard "Tubby" Salter was a member of Hood's first crew. Special thanks to his nephew, Ray Casey, for sending this biography to us.

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William Richard Salter (my uncle) was born on 21st. April 1897 at Battersea, London. He was the second son to George Grover and Charlotte Salter and spent most of his youth in and around the Battersea area.

My mother told me some years ago that Bill joined the navy as a young man and that he served on H.M.S. Hood and H.M.S. Gloucester, mother also told me that her brother was a 'wild un' especially when he came home on leave. He and his mates who were always (over) glad to see him, would make a large bonfire in the middle of the Street, partake of the "Wood's rum" then strip to their waists, and literally jump over the bonfire shouting their heads off.

Bill subsequently met and married Letitia (nee) Stannett on 26th. December 1920 at St. Faith's, Wandsworth during a spell of leave from H.M.S. Hood, they had one daughter Leticia whom later married and settled in Devon.

Bill eventually served on H.M.S. Gloucester where he was later known as 'Tubby' Salter, he was one of the 84 survivors that spent 24 hrs. In the water, when the 'Glorious Gloucester' was sunk at the battle of Crete in 1941. The survivors were picked up by the Germans (not the British) and were sent to POW camps in Germany, Austria and Salonica, Tubby was taken to Germany where he remained until the end of hostilities in 1945.

While in fear of the advancing Russian forces the Germans left the camp unattended, most of the POW's left the camp marching proudly in formation. Unfortunately for Tubby he was not well enough to march with the other lads, helped by his mate Bert Ham, they joined a column of refugees walking along a country lane. Sadly there emerged a Russian fighter plane (whom were our allies) it strafed the column and poor Tubby was hit, later dying of his wounds, Bert Ham buried our "Tubby".

If anyone knew "Tubby" Salter: any information from any source will be appreciated.