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The Memories of L. Hudson
by L. Hudson (1977)
Updated 06-May-2014

Taken from Association Newsletter number 5 here is a short article by L. Hudson, whose memories of happy days in Hood remained with him for the rest of his life.

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I joined Hood in time to do the ten months showing the flag around the world and left her in 1929.

During the 1926 General Strike we were recalled from leave to rejoin the Hood at Guz, and we sailed at midnight. We were then on strike duty at the Princess Docks, Glasgow - the Hood lay at the Tail of the Bank and we went up to the docks in a drifter. Golly what a time we had.

After the Strike we went to Pompey for the first time and whilst at Pompey I met my wife, who came aboard as a visitor, and in 1930 we were married. The end came on September 2nd, 1974, when she died of cancer, and now you can see I am a very lonely man on my own, and pray every night that I shall not wake up in the morning.

I am 77 years old and will not be able to attend the reunion - my last operation when I was opened up the Surgeon found something else and so you will understand I have not much longer to live. I am nearly blind with cataracts as well.

But I still have wonderful memories of my late wife and my other love, H.M.S.Hood.

"The Hood",
Station Road
Nr. Tamworth