-History of H.M.S. Hood-
Eyewitness Observations of H.M.S. Hood's Bow During Sinking
Part 1- British Witnesses Who Mentioned the Bow Segment
Updated 07-May-2014

This article contains descriptions of the sinking of Hood's bow as seen by her survivors as well as eyewitnesses aboard H.M.S. Prince of Wales. For years, it was thought that that forepart of Hood sank intact. The wreck of Hood shows clearly that the bow is detached. This happened either due to hydrodynamic forces, a forward magazine explosion, structural failure or some combination thereof. A review of evidence shows that the bow was seen to be damaged or detached by a number of people in 1941. This information was derived from ADM116-4351, Pg 196-262: Report on the Loss of H.M.S. Hood, Evidence of Ship's Personnel H.M.S. Prince of Wales and ADM116-4351, Pg 356-380: Report on the Loss of H.M.S. Hood, Evidence of Hood Survivors.

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H.M.S. Prince of Wales Witnesses (Name, rank, service and pertinent question numbers)

I. Amount of Bow Visible

1. To Bridge and Aft

2. To "A"/"B"

3. To Forward Breakwater or Less

4. Amount of Bow Unclear

5. Broken Off (Specific or Otherwise Clearly Implied)


II. Bow Orientation to Viewer

1. Starboard Side

2. Deck Visible

3. Bottom Visible

4. Port Side

III. Bow Angle (to Water's Surface)

1. Less than 45 Deg

2. Roughly 45 Deg

3. Vertical/Near-Vertical

4. Bow Capsized, Fell-Over, Turned Turtle, etc.

5. Bow Damage Noted (Fire, bubbling paint, blackened surfaces, damaged/missing plating, etc.)