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Realistic "First Sighting" Distances for the Battle of the Denmark Strait, 24 May 1941
Updated 07-May-2014

This is a listing of approximate physical height measurements of the main combatants in the Battle of the Denmark Strait. These measurements can help determine the distances at which each of the battle participants would have first visually sighted each other on 24 May 1941. Please note that factors such as time of day, sea conditions, weather, human fatigue and experience need to be taken into consideration as part of any such exercise.

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Prince of Wales (PofW)

Bismarck (BS)

Prinz Eugen (PG)

Calculations for Sighting Distance (per ONI204, US Navy Range Table, Sept. 1942 - courtesy of Bill Jurens)

When determining realistic sighting ranges, one must also factor in visibility, which is affected by things such as weather conditions and light levels. These factors would quite probably reduce the realistic range somewhat. Based on the known conditions of 24 May 1941, we estimate that maximum visibility would have been around 20NM.