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Battle of the Denmark Strait Research Materials
Updated 15-Feb-2021

The purpose of this page is to provide a resource of documents specifically related to the "Battle of the Denmark Strait" of 24 May 1941. The documents, both firsthand contemporary materials plus newer working notes and recollections, are available to individuals interested in re-examining the battle in detail. They will hopefully prove useful to anyone with a sincere desire to determine the exact chain of events which made up this famous sea battle.

If you know of something that we have missed, or, see something that is not correct, please contact our staff. We would be delighted for your assistance.

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I. Background

This effort was originally necessitated by several minor discrepancies or discontinuities associated with the commonly accepted version of the battle: Most of said issues are related to the actions of the German force composed of the battleship "Bismarck" and the heavy cruiser "Prinz Eugen". Specifically, some ranges, exact intervals, headings and movements of the vessels (primarily Bismarck) are not well documented and can thusly be viewed as somewhat questionable.

The minor problems mentioned above have led some to believe that the battle did not unfold as recounted in various books written by participants, or in the official German and British versions of the battle. One theory even went so far as to suggest that many of the famous German battle photos and probably elements of the battle film itself were consistently printed/shown in reverse from May 1941 onward. It was initially because of this theory that efforts were made by this web site and others to obtain all known source documents related to the battle. We have reviewed all firsthand source material and have even interviewed actual battle participants. Our own review of available materials has led us to conclude that the reversed photo theory is unfounded and unworthy of further pursuit. This view has been further corroborated by surviving eyewitness officers from Prinz Eugen (the ship from which the photos and film were taken) who have stated that the "reversed photo" theory is absolutely wrong. Lastly, we should also note that not only is the issue nonsense/hokum, it is also not particularly relevant to Hood's involvement in the battle.

Despite the advances made in recent years, some aspects of this battle continue to be sources of debate. With this in mind, if you are someone interested in researching the various aspects of this famous battle, please feel free to use the following materials/links. Ignore books and theories- instead, first review the data below then make up your own mind. With this in mind, we recommend that you skip Section IV until after you have reached your conclusions. Afterwards, read the theories in Item IV as well as various books/articles to see what others have arrived at.

II. Primary Sources

1. German Records and Documentation

Bismarck Reports-

Prinz Eugen Reports/Evidence-

2. British Records and Documentation

III. Working Notes

Quick Reference Data-

Battle Maps & Charts-

Battle Photos & Film Comparisons

Gunnery/Salvo Data

Eyewitness Observations of Hood's Sinking and of the Wreck

IV. Modern Battle Theories