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The Hood Stones of Loch Eriboll, Scotland
Updated 03-Jan-2017

Information about the Hood-related places around Loch Eriboll in northwestern Scotland.

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The Hood Stones following the 2013 renovation
The Hood Stones in 2013 (click to enlarge)
For 65 plus years, the name "HOOD" has stood silent watch over Loch Eriboll from a hillside above Laid and Portnancon, Scotland (location: 58 30 31.3N   004 43 17.1W). The name, made up of large stones, was set-in place by crew members of Hood back in 1935, when the Loch was a popular Royal Navy anchorage. The men from Hood were not alone in setting their mark upon the hill - there is a mix of old and new names on display, to include Valiant, Whirlwind, Blake, H43, and most recently, Sutherland and Bulwark.

The stones sat for many years, until 1993, when children from the nearby Durness Primary School undertook the first of several efforts to restore and maintain them. The children went to the site, cleared much of the undergrowth from around the stones, then painted them bright white. This was followed by another trip in 1995 (when the area and the site were visited by HRH Prince Charles) and yet another in 1999. The paint and materials were generously provided by the Royal Navy and local citizens. Because of these efforts, a close relationship has been formed between the school and the H.M.S. Hood Association. In return for their hard work on the stones, H.M.S. Hood Association President Ted Briggs has presented the school with a framed print of Hood signed by him.

Local community groups have been trying to get the hillside recongised as a protected historical site for some years now. Unfortunately, despite repeated attempts, the citizens have been unable to raised the interest and funding necessary despite appeals to the MOD, the Commonwealth Wargraves Commission and even the Queen.

The most recent rennovations to the stones was carried out by the crew of H.M.S. Sutherland in April 2013. They cleared away some growth and applied a new coating of whitewash. We are most grateful for this thoughtful and kind endeavour.

Photos of the Hood Stones & Children

The Hood stones as seen in 1999
Above- The Hood Stones as seen following the 1999 restoration

The children preparing to set off on their visit to the Hood stones
Above- The children preparing to set off on their visit to the Hood Stones (1999)

The children sitting around the Hood stones
Above- The children sitting around the "H" (1999)

Eriboll Church

The Eriboll Church
Eriboll Church (click to enlarge)
The "Hood Stones" are not the only memorial/monument to the ship in the Durness area. A memorial plaque to H.M.S. Hood was unveiled in Eriboll Church in 1997. Together with the stones on the nearby hillside, it stands as a testament to the crew and ship that were the symbol of Britain's supremacy as a sea power. Click on the image to the right to view an enlarged version.

For more information on Durness and Loch Eriboll, please visit their official website.