H.M.S. Hood Today
Updated 07-May-2014

This section of the site deals with the legacy of H.M.S. Hood - from physical remnants to how she affects the world of today. Here you can find a veritable "potpourri" of "all things Hood": Things such as artefacts/remnants, Hood-related groups, places, mementos and remembrances of loved ones, collectible items and artwork. If you have photos or information which you feel fits within this section of the site, please be sure to contact our staff.

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The Wreck of Hood
Photos & information concerning the July 2001 expedition which located and filmed the wrecks of H.M.S. Hood and battleship Bismarck

Hood Relics & Artefacts
Information on surviving relics & artefacts from Hood

People/Groups Connected with Hood
Information on groups associated with Hood

Scale Models & Miniatures of Hood
In-depth information & photos relating to models of Hood

Hood Collectibles & Memorabilia
Listing of various collectibles/memorabilia concerning Hood

Places Connected with Hood
Information on places associated with Hood

H.M.S. Hood in Popular Culture
Listing of various consumer items related to Hood

Poetry About Hood and Her Crew
A variety of poems, both happy and sad, concerning Hood and her men.