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Scale Models & Miniatures of H.M.S. Hood
Updated 15-Apr-2020

This section of the site provides background information as well as tips and suggestions to people interested in collecting or building models of H.M.S. Hood. We are always on the lookout for new photos, reviews and tips! If you know of a model we missed or would like to submit materials to the site, please let us know. If you are a commercial model producer and require our assistance either developing a model (or parts) or you would like us to review your model (or parts), you are also welcome to contact our staff.

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Commercially-Produced Miniatures & Model Kits of Hood

Manufacturer, Scale
APS,  1/72
Fleetscale, 1/128
Graupner, 1/150
Fine Art Models, 1/192
Ark Model, 1/200
DeAgostini UK Ltd, 1/200
Hachette, 1/200
Halinski/Kartonowy Arsenal, 1/200
Tehnoart (1931), 1/200
Tehnoart (1941), 1/200
Trumpeter, 1/200
GPM, 1/300
Maly Modelarz, 1/300
Iron Shipwright, 1/350
Trumpeter, 1/350
White Ensign Models, 1/350

Manufacturer, Scale
Heller/Airfix, 1/400
JSC, 1/400
Lindberg, 1/400
Airfix, 1/600
Bassett-Lowke, 1/600
Flyhawk (1924), 1/700 *in works
Flyhawk (1941), 1/700 *in works
Tamiya, 1/700
Trumpeter/Pit Road (1931), 1/700
Trumpeter/Pit Road (1941), 1/700
Forces of Valor (1941), 1/700
Italeri/Testors/Revell/Zvezda, 1/720
Airfix, 1/1200
Bassett-Lowke, 1/1200
Superior Models, 1/1200
Argonaut (2 types), 1/1250
Atlas Editions, 1/1250

Manufacturer, Scale
Mountford, 1/1250
Navis, 1/1250
Neptun, 1/1250
Tremo, 1/1250
Wiking, 1/1250
Meng, 1/1670
Dinky Toys/Meccano, 1/1800
Bandai/Fuman/Aoshima, 1/2000
C&C, 1/2400
GHQ, 1/2400
Panzerschiff, 1/2400
Superior Models, 1/2400
Navwar, 1/3000
Skytrex, 1/3000
C&C, 1/4800
Hallmark Figures, 1/6000












The grey items above are models for which we have no information (or are rumoured or otherwise yet to be released). If you have data on any of these kits, please do contact us.


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Hood Model Gallery
This section contains reader-submitted photos of Hood models in all shapes & sizes– from store bought kits to scratch-built kits & museum displays. If you have a model of Hood and would like to show it off, please let us know. Click on the button below to enter the gallery.

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