H.M.S. Hood Today
Royal Canadian Sea Cadets Corps #314- TS Hood of Coboconk, Ontario, Canada
Updated 03-Jan-2017

Here you can learn about the history and current activities of #314 RCSCC "Hood" of Coboconk, Ontario, Canada.

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September 1990 #314 Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps "Hood" was formed and named after the famous H.M.S. HOOD, which sank in WWII. In this first year, Doug Melbourne was Commanding Officer. He, Margaret Melbourne, and Richard Williams were sworn in as Officers for the inauguration of the Corps as of 4 February 1991. Keith LaPlante was sworn in shortly thereafter. The last three attended the Basic Officer Qualification Course together at CFB Borden.

June 1992 As the Corps was formed so early in 1991 there was no Annual Review held that year. June 1992 was the date of the #314 RCSCC Hood First Annual Review. There were 35 cadets in attendance. Reviewing Officer was Mr. Laurie Barkwell, a member of Branch #519, Royal Canadian Legion. The Legion has been a long time supporter of our Corps.

Annual Review 1993 Reviewing officer was Mr. George Donnelly, who had served aboard the H.M.S. HOOD. He has been a great supporter of our corps, and has given us many mementos of H.M.S. HOOD. Note: One notable item was a beautiful placque/knot board created by former Hood crewman Albert Burton (known to the Association as "Albert RN." Sadly, Albert passed away in 1995.).

Since the Corps was formed, Cadets have had the opportunity to attend many camps and trips, ALL FREE, as follows:

Sadly, interest declined for a year or two, but the unit is now up and running again. They meet Tuesdays from 1830 to 2100 hours at the Royal Canadian Legion (Branch 519) Hall near the intersection of Hwy 35 and 48, Coboconk, Ontario. For more information and all the latest news, please visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Coboconk-Sea-Cadets-314-RCSCC-Hood/376569032425769

Assorted Photographs

Albert Burton of the H.M.S. Hood Association
The late 'Albert RN' (Albert Burton) holding the knot board

George Donnelly presenting a knot board
Former Hood crewman George "Spike" Donnelly presenting the knot board to #314 RCSCC Hood.

George Donnelly presenting a knot board
Another view of former Hood crewman George Donnelly presenting the knot board to #314 RCSCC Hood.