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Locomotive Engines Named Hood
Updated 03-Jan-2017

Here you will find basic information on train engines named for H.M.S. Hood as well as links to groups working to preserve the memories of these beautiful machines.

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Jubilee Steam Engine "HOOD"
The first known train named "Hood" was a Jubilee steam engine built in the 1930s. This was engine number 5654. It operated on the London, Midland & Scottish (LMS) Railway until 1948 when it was taken over by British Railways and renumbered to 45654. It saw service until late 1966, when it was dismantled. To learn more about the steam engine "Hood" as well as other Jubilee engines, please visit Simon Robinson's "The Jubilee Locomotives of the LMS".

Jubilee Class Engine HOOD
Pre 1948 photo courtesy of Frank Daniels.
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D431 50031 Locomotive Engine "HOOD"
This beautiful Class 50 diesel electric locomotive engine was built in 1968 by English Electric Company Ltd Works Number E3801/D1172. It was later re-dedicated and named in honour of the battle cruiser H.M.S. Hood. Its twinning ceremony was held on 22 April 1983 at Old Oak Common depot in West London between our Association and the Class 50 Locomotive Group. It was preserved in 1991.

The engine was re-dedicated on 17 September 2016 at the Severn Valley Railway. We were honoured to be present for this ceremony. This ceremony was covered in the Winter 2016 edition of our Association's newsletter, "The Chough."

This engine is currently operational and is operating on the Severn Valley Railway line. It is one of three Class 50 engines that are currently still operational in Britain. For even more detailed information on this beautiful giant, please see the The Fifty Fund.

Class 50 Engine HOOD
Photo courtesy of Anthony Middelton.
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Basic Specifications
Number: D431 50031
Company: British Rail
Gauge: 4ft 8.5in
Wheel Arrangement: Co-Co



Additional Photos of D431 50031 "HOOD"
Below are various photos from the original dedication and 2016 re-dedication. Click to enlarge.

1980s Side View    The 1983 Dedication    The locomotive in the 1990s   2016 Rededication    2016 Rededication