Photos & Graphics of H.M.S. Hood
The H.M.S. Hood Association Photo Collection - Reunions & Gatherings, 1975-1985
Updated 07-May-2014

The following photos are of various Association events. We are fortunate to be able to identify the dates, venues and many of the men shown, primarly due to the hard work of the late Charlie Strudwick who was the Association's "Official Photographer". Apart from taking many of the photos Charlie was meticulous in recording on the reverse of each photo details of who, when and where. Descriptions have all been reproduced nearly exactly as on the reverse of the photos and are shown in quotation marks.

Important Notice: These photos are the property of the H.M.S. Hood Association and may not be downloaded and/or used elsewhere without the Hood Association Committee's express permission.

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The first parade of the H.M.S Hood Association Standard, 1977
The first parade of the H.M.S Hood Association Standard which took place in Weymouth in 1977, two years after the Association had been formed. Standard Bearer "Windy" Breeze leads the march past.

The first parade of the H.M.S Hood Association Standard, 1977
Ted Briggs leads the salute. Other men include: Right hand (as we look at the photo) of the three men in the first row is Fred White; Middle of second row - Mr Kiddle; right of second row, Den Finden; Middle of third row (looking over Den's shoulder) - Ken "Dixie" Dean

The H.M.S. Hood bench aboard H.M.S. Victory
This bench was presented to the Portsmouth Naval Museum. The presentation was made on board Nelson's Flagship "Victory". The bench is still in the trust of the Portsmouth Musuem so if you are visiting make sure to find it. In case of difficulty ask the Museum staff, as its location varies from time to time. Ted Briggs' medals are also held at the Museum and are available for public inspection.
There was a good gathering of Association members for the presentation:Left to Right: Den Finden (first face fully visible); "Windy" Breeze (with galsses, partly hidden), Dick Turner, Harry Purdue, unknown, Mary Tilburn, Bob Tilburn, unknown, Rear Admira AS Tippettl, unknown (partly hidden), Ken Clark, Ted Briggs, rest unknown.

Ken Clark and Harry Purdue presenting a Roll of Honour to the vicar of St Ann's Church
H.M.S. Hood Association Treasurer, Ken "Nobby" Clark, presents the Roll of Honour to the Rev. Oliver at St. Ann's Church, Portsmouth. Also shown (right) is the then Association Chairman, Harry Purdue. The date was 25th May, 1980.Ken said: "Reverend Sir, I ask you to accept this Roll of Honour of all those who died in the sinking of H.M.S. Hood, and charge you to keep it safely in this house of God."The Chaplain accepted by saying: "On behalf of the Port Admiral and all who worship here I accept charge of the Roll of Honour of all those who died in the sinking of H.M.S. Hood. May its presence be a reminder to us all of the sacrifice made by so many for the preservation of freedom and be a challenge to us and our successors to truly serve God and our fellow men."

Veterans meeting RADM AS Tippett, May 1983
"HMS Hood Service of Remembrance. Sunday 22nd May 1983 No 21A in St. Ann's Church, HM Dockyard, Portsmouth. Conducted by the Very rev. Michael Nott, Readers Commodore D. Watts (HMS Nelson) and rear Admiral CF Kemp, CB (HMS Hood Association). After the service Rear Admiral AS Tippett shaking hands with Mr KA Clark, Treasurer of H.M.S. Hood Association while the Chairman, Mr D Finden and Secretary Mr H Purdue, look on."Harry Purdue is between the Admiral (wearing the rank insignia of a Vice Admiral) and Ken Clark with whom he is shaking hands. Den Finden is to the right of the picture sideways on to the camera. At the very right is Gladys Clark.

Remembrance Service for H.M.S. Hood held in St. Ann's Church, 1988
"Remembrance Service for H.M.S. Hood held in St. Ann's Church, HM Dockyard, Portsmouth, Hants. Shipmates after the service outside church. L - R J White, H Harby, R Tilburn, E Briggs, Mrs Tilburn, D Dean. Sunday 20th May, 1984 B/W No.10A. Bob Tilburn and Ted Briggs both survived the loss of Hood.

Ken Clark, Jim Haskell and Den Finden, 1985
"After the Remembrance Service for HMS Hood at Boldre Church, Sunday 19th May 1985 No 23a" Nobby, Mrs Haskell, Jim Haskell, Den Finden"

Hood veterans outside St Barnabas Church, Swanmore, June 1985
"St. Barnabas Church, Swanmore, Sunday 23rd June 1985. President and Preacher The Reverend Ronald Paterson, MBE, Vicar of Swanmore - last service (June 1962 to 1985 - 23 years).Left to Right: R Irwin, T Hooper, C Strudwick, Rev Paterson, H Purdue, JR WIlliams, K Clark. All Ex shipmates of HMS Hood, No. 13"