Photos & Graphics of H.M.S. Hood
The H.M.S. Hood Association Photo Collection - Reunions & Gatherings, 1986-1988
Updated 07-May-2014

The following photos are of various Association events. We are fortunate to be able to identify the dates, venues and many of the men shown, primarly due to the hard work of the late Charlie Strudwick who was the Association's "Official Photographer". Apart from taking many of the photos Charlie was meticulous in recording on the reverse of each photo details of who, when and where. Descriptions have all been reproduced nearly exactly as on the reverse of the photos and are shown in quotation marks.

Important Notice: These photos are the property of the H.M.S. Hood Association and may not be downloaded and/or used elsewhere without the Hood Association Committee's express permission.

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Bob Tilburn and Ted Briggs with veterans of H.M.S. Electra, May 1986
The Reunion of 1986 saw a very welcome visit from some of the veterans of H.M.S. Electra - the destroyer which picked up the 3 survivors from H.M.S. Hood. Again, Charlie Strudwick has annotated the reverse of the photo so we can say who everyone is: "H.M.S. Hood Association 10th Reunion Dinner. Held in the Victory Club, H.M.S. Nelson, Saturday, 24th May 1986. Members of H.M.S. Electra. Back row L to R: Jack Taylor, Bill Brealey, Tom Shiersmith, Bob Tilburn (Hood survivor), Eddie Skerrit, Cyril Madell, Phil Perkins.Front row L to R: Charlie Mantle, Bert Allen, Jim Preet, Ted Briggs (Hood survivor)."You can read more about Jack Taylor's memories of his service in Electra including the Hood survivors' rescue in the "Remembering Hood" section of the site. Click here to read the article.

Ted Briggs with veterans of H.M.S. Electra, May 1986
Another shot of Ted and the chaps from Electra at the 1986 Reunion

H.M.S. Hood and H.M.S. Electra veterans, May 1986
Although this photo is undated we can safely say that it is from 1986 as the boys from Electra are in it. Sadly Charlie had not done his usual handiwork of noting al the names on the back of this one so we cannot name everyone.

Bob and Mary Tilburn with Ted Briggs circa 1986
Another photo without annotation. Its likely, however, to be 1986. It shows (L to R) Bob Tilburn, Bob's wife Mary and Ted Briggs.

Ken Clark (left) and George Donnelly (right), May 1988
Left to Right: Ted Briggs, Chairman Harry Purdue and Bob Tilburn. This was taken either right before or right after the St. Anne’s Church Service, May 24th 1987. Harry is holding the Roll of Honour.

Hood Association members at the Portsmouth Naval Memorial, November 1987
Apart from the May Reunion at the Home Club in Portsmouth, the Association has always gathered at the Naval War Memorial on Southsea front each November for Armistice Day. Most of the 1,415 crew who were lost with Hood are remembered on this memorial, though some are on the memorials at Plymouth, Halifax and Chatham. "The Royal Naval War Memorial, Southsea Common Remembrance Service. Members of H.M.S. Hood Association. Sunday 8th November 1987, No18" Not all those present can be identified- L to R: Unknown, Ken "Nobby" Clark, Unknown, Harry Purdue, Unknown lady, Charlie Strudwick, unknown lady, Ted Briggs, two unknown ladies, JR Williams, Den Finden, Walter Living

Ted Briggs at the Portsmouth Naval Memorial, November 1987
"The Royal Navy War Memorial, Southsea Common. Lt AE Briggs, MBE RN (Retd), survivor of H.M.S. Hood attending the remembrance service. Sunday 8th November, 1987. No 6"

Ken Clark (left) and George Donnelly (right), May 1988
George Donnelly in Portsmouth with Association Treasurer Ken "Nobby" Clark. I think that this photo was taken during George's trip back to England in 1988. Whilst they were in Hood, George was in mess 52 and Nobby in mess 50.