Photos & Graphics of H.M.S. Hood
The Duckworth Photo Collection
Updated 07-May-2014

The following photographs were sent in to the site by Keith Duckworth. They are from the collection of crewman Ken Duckworth who was lost in the sinking of the ship on 24 May 1941.

Important Notice: These photos may not be republished or reposted elsewhere in any format without the express permission of Keith Duckworth.

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Hood in Grand Harbour, Malta
Above- Hood entering Grand Harbour, Malta

German Panzerschiff Deutschland, Oct 1938     German Panzerschiff Deutschland, Oct 1938
Above- German Panzerschiff "Deutschland" at Gibraltar, Oct 1938

Hood refuels a destroyer at sea
Above- Hood refuels a destroyer at sea

Above- Retrieving practice torpedoes

Forecastle of H.M.S. Hood     H.M.S. Hood's forecastle
Above/Left and Above/Right- Views of Hood's focsle

Hood as seen from French warship Dunkerque
Above- Hood in heavy seas as viewed from the French warship Dunkerque

Aerial recognition markings on Hood's forward turrets
Above- Hood's focsle. Note the markings on "A" and "B" turrets.
These were aerial recogntion marks meant to illustrate her "non "status during the Spanish Civil War.

Haile Selassie aboard Hood
Above- Haile Selassie's visit to Hood.

Damage to a Spanish destroyer
Above- The Spanish destroyer "Jose Luis Diey" in Gibraltar after being hit by a 6" shell.

Nazis salute HMS Hood
Above- Newsclipping about Hood and "Deutschland"

Above- Cover of Christmas card
Below- Inside of the Christmas card
Christmas card interior