Photos & Graphics of H.M.S. Hood
The Evans Photo Collection
Updated 07-May-2014

The following photographs are from the personal collection of Hood veteran Commander Thomas Keith Evans. He took or collected said photos during his time in Hood in the late 1930s. We are most grateful to Keith for allowing us to post them here. You can learn more about Keith's service in Hood by clicking here.

Important Notice: These photos may not be republished or reposted elsewhere in any format without the express permission of Keith Evans.

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Aerial view of Grand Harbour, Valetta
Above- An aerial view of the Grand Harbour, Valetta and the creeks at Sliema.

Hood, Christmas 1938
Above- H.M.S. Hood Christmas 1938.

Hood entering Grand Harbour, Malta
Above- Hood flying the flag of Vice-Admiral G Layton (Captain HTC Walker, Royal Navy) Entering Grand Harbour, Malta.

The harbour at Golfe Juan
Above & below- Golfe Juan, France- The Harbour.
Harbour at Golfe Juan, France

TK Evans looking rather smart
Above- TKE looking rather smart (in France)

Willett, unknown lady and TK Evans
Above- William Willett - She who insisted on coming with us one day (Austrian lady) - TKE

Hiking in Turinie, France
Above- Turinie, France

Hotel in Turinie, France
Above- The Hotel in Turinie where we lunched.

H.M.S. Kent
Above- H.M.S. Kent

Sailing picnic with accountant division ratings
Above- On sailing picnic with accountant division ratings

Hood's stern whilst in the floating drydock
Above- Hood in the floating dock

Crane lifting a 4" gun aboard Hood
Above- The floating crane hoists in a new 4" gun.

Hood in the floating drydock
Above- Looking from forward when in floating dock.

Captain Pridham leaving Hood, June 1938
Above- Captain Pridham on relinquishing his appointment as Captain of the Hood in June 1938 is pulled ashore in his galley.