Photos & Graphics of H.M.S. Hood
The National Archives of Scotland Photo Collection
Updated 07-May-2014

The following photographs were sent in to the site by Ian Johnston, author of the history of the Clydebank shipyard, "Ships for a Nation," and co-author of "The Battleships." Ian also wrote an article for this website about the Construction of Hood. They are from the collection of the National Archives of Scotland. The photos were originally taken by John Brown and Company, Ltd., in Clydebank, Scotland.

Hood was built at the John Brown and Company, Ltd. shipyard between September 1916 and Spring 1920. During the course of her lengthy construction, approximately 500 photos were taken of the ship. These range from the laying of the keel all the way to her trials. A mere handful of said photos are presented here. We are most grateful to Ian and to the National Archives of Scotland for kindly allowing us to post the photos here. Please not that these photos may not be republished or reposted elsewhere in any format without the express permission of the National Archives of Scotland.

The full catalog of Hood photos are available for purchase via the National Archives of Scotland website ""!

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Laying the keel of H.M.S. Hood
Above- Laying the keel of H.M.S. Hood (September 1916).

H.M.S. Hoods rudder frame
Above- The frame of Hood's rudder. At this point, it still needs to have its void spaces filled with wood then covered with external plating.

Plating being laid on H.M.S. Hoods quarterdeck
Above- Adding plating to Hood's quarterdeck.

Port side screws of H.M.S. Hood
Above- Hood's port screws. Note that the main 12" armoured belt is not yet attached, 1918.

The stern of H.M.S. Hood
Above- Hood's stern overhanging the Clyde, 1918.

The immense hull of H.M.S. Hood dominates the Clydebank shipyard prior to launching
Above- The massive hull of Hood prior to her launch. Note how the vessel dwarves the structures in the shipyard, 1918.

H.M.S. Hood is launched
Above- The launch of H.M.S. Hood, 22 August 1918.

H.M.S. Hood in the fitting out basin
Above- Hood in the fitting-out basin, 1919.

One of H.M.S. Hoods 5.5 inch guns
Above- One of Hood's 5.5" guns and funnels, 1919.

H.M.S. Hood departing Clydebank for trials
Above- Hood leaving the Clyde for her trials, January 1920.

H.M.S. Hood undergoing sea trials, early 1920
Above- Hood on trials, early 1920.