Photos & Graphics of H.M.S. Hood
The Slack Photo Collection
Updated 07-May-2014

The following photographs were sent in to the site by the H. Slack Estate. They are from the collection of Chief Petty Officer Arthur Howard Slack. Howard, as he was known, served in Hood during the late 1930s and early 1940s. He is believed to have left the ship shortly before her final mission. The bulk of his collection is from Hood's time in the Mediterranean Fleet (1936-1939).

Important Notice: These photos may not be republished or reposted elsewhere in any format without the express permission of the H. Slack Estate.

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H.M.S. Hood in the floating drydock at Malta, 1937
Above- Floating drydock, Malta, mid-late 1937. This photo, taken from the rear of the Spotting Top, shows number 2 funnel, the main mast and a bit of the Shelter Deck. At this point in time, Hood was assigned to the Mediterranean Fleet and is painted in overall AP507C (light grey).

H.M.S. Hood in the floating drydock at Malta, 1937
Above- Another photo taken during the 1937 visit to the floating drydock in Malta. This time, the view is from what appears to be the Air Defence Platform, with a view of "A" and "B" gun houses plus the focsle. Note the markings on the roofs of the gun houses. These are "neutrality markings" used during the Spanish Civil War. Hood, as well as other warships from neutral countries, wore these markings to indicate - to both sides in the conflict - that she was not a belligerant.

The colours of the stripes on "B" gun house are well known (front to back: red, white and blue). There is also a marking atop "A" gun house. It is a circle with a line bisecting it to the rear along the centreline. The line extends back, over the director. Unfortunately, there are no records indicating what colour this marking was. Based on the colours of the "B" turret stripes however, it may have been red. If anyone has information on this marking, we would love to hear from you. Please contact our staff.

H.M.S. Hoods shelter deck as seen whilst at sea, circa 1937   H.M.S. Hoods shelter deck as seen whilst at sea, circa 1937
Above- Two views of Hood's Shelter Deck (aka "Boat Deck") and some of the ship's boats while at sea, most likely during 1937.

H.M.S. Hood turning to port, circa 1937
Above- Turning to port and making heavy smoke.

Swim meet alongside H.M.S. Hood at Gibraltar, mid 1940
Above and Below- Swimming meet at Gibraltar, mid 1940. Note the newly-installed UP launcher atop "B" gun house, as well as the new degaussing cable encircling the hull. It is much sloppier looking than it is usually depicted in drawings. Also note that Hood's paint job looks quite the worse for wear.
Swim meet alongside H.M.S. Hood at Gibraltar, mid 1940

Crewman relaxing on H.M.S. Hoods shelter deck, circa 1937
Above- Another busy Mediterranean day. Some of the lads take advantage of some "down time" to take a nap and get a sun tan.

H.M.S. Hoods forward main guns trained to port, circa 1937
Above- At sea in 1937. The guns of the main and secondary armament are trained to port.

H.M.S. Hood in harbour, circa 1937
Above- Hood in harbour (most likely the detached mole at Gibraltar), 1937.

The focsle of H.M.S. Hood, circa 1937
Above- Hood is underway, but proceeding at a slow rate of speed. In this photo, the top of the 30ft rangefinder, both forward gun houses and the focsle can be seen. This photo also appears to be from 1937.