Photos & Graphics of H.M.S. Hood
The Souter Photo Collection
Updated 07-May-2014

The following photographs were sent in to the site by Diana Tiller. Her father, Leonard Douglas Souter (born 23 Feb 1920, service number PJX146427), served in Hood from the Spring 1937 until May 1939. He collected or took these photos during his service aboard Hood when she was part of the Mediterranean Fleet.

Important Notice: These photos may not be republished or reposted elsewhere in any format without the express permission of Diana Tiller.

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Hood Men in Corfu, July 1938
Above- Hood men relaxing in Corfu sometime during July 1938.

Hood off Arvez, 1938
Above- Hood off Arvez in 1938.

One of Hoods steam pinnaces at Navarin, 1938
Above- Leonard manned this Hood steam pinnace (shown here at Navarin in 1938)

Leonard Souter, circa 1938
Above- Leonard Souter during his days in Hood.

Hood taking it green, circa 1938
Above- Hood takes it green (as usual)!

Hood entering Grand Harbour, Malta circa 1937 or 1938
Above- Hood entering Grand Harbour, Malta.

Hood off Corfu
Above- Hood off Corfu.