H.M.S. Hood Records & Media
Updated 20-Jun-2017

This section provides an in-depth listing of known multimedia sources for those wishing to conduct their own research into H.M.S. Hood. If you know of a source we have overlooked, please be sure to contact us.

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Official Records
Listing of known British military/government records pertaining to H.M.S. Hood & crew

Books & Periodicals
Listing of books & articles related to H.M.S. Hood

Contemporary Motion Pictures
Listing of various period "movie" films of H.M.S. Hood

Television & Video
Listing of post-sinking productions concerning H.M.S. Hood

Contemporary Still Photos
Listing of various still photographs of H.M.S. Hood




Plans & Drawings
Listing of various plans & schematics of H.M.S. Hood