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Contemporary Motion Picture References
Updated 04-Dec-2017

There was a great deal of moving picture footage of Hood shot during her 21 year career. This section of the site contains listings of footage known to still exist and to be available for purchase. Though extensive, we have very likely not accounted for everything. With this in mind, if you know of a contemporary film we have overlooked, please be sure to contact us.

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Assorted Footage Held by British Pathe (http://www.britishpathe.com)

You can view some of the following Hood footage (as well as related footage) by searching the British Pathe library at https://www.britishpathe.com/search/query/HMS+Hood.

Description: HMS Hood Docking. Various shots of Hood
Date: 1920-1929 | Film ID: 2512.03  | Cannister ID: ON 473B

Description: "Our Britain." Patriotic Montage of Military Scenes, Part 1.
Date: 1920 | Film ID: 2356.16 | Cannister ID: ON 244B

Description: " £6 M Battleship The Hood". H.M.S. Hood the Royal Navy's new battleship leaves the river Clyde in Scotland for sea trials.
Date: Jan 1920 | Film ID: 204.16 | Cannister ID: G 632

Description: "£6,000,000 Warship". Assorted shots of H.M.S. Hood.
Date: Nov 1921 | Film ID: 248.08 | Cannister ID: G 825

Description: "The Equator - Crossing the Line." Crossing the line ceremony aboard Hood.
Date: 1922 | Document ID: 2462.12 | Cannister ID: ON 409A

Description: "Battleships of the World's Navies" - reviewed by President Pessoa during Brazil's centenary of Independence celebrations.
Date: 1922 | Film ID: 2462.13 | Cannister ID: ON 409B

Description: Repulse Beats Hood in the Annual Regatta. HMS Repulse rowing team beat rivals and parade their 'cockerel' trophy to shipmates.
1922 | Film ID: 2462.19 | Cannister ID: ON 409H

Description: "Jacks The Dasante." Sailors of various nations dance together at party on H.M.S. Hood.
1922 | Film ID: 2462.15 | Cannister ID: ON 409D

Description: Sailors from Brazilian, American, French and Japanese battleships enjoy hospitality of the "lower deck" on H.M.S. Hood.
Date: 1922 | Document ID: 230220 | Cannister ID: G 920

Description: Crossing the line. King Neptune and his Consort hold their Court on H.M.S. Hood and carry out traditional ceremony.
Date: Oct 1922 | Film ID: 284.18 | Cannister ID: G 916

Description: "Battleships of the World's Navies" - reviewed by President Pessoa during Brazil's centenary of Independence celebrations.
Date: Oct 1922 | Film ID: 284.25 | Cannister ID: G 917

Description: Third Cruiser Squadron Boxing Championships on H.M.S. Hood, 1922.
Date: Nov 1922 | Film ID: 288.25 | Cannister ID: ON 409F& G.926

Description: "Well Done Repulse". By beating "Hood" in Annual Regatta wins coveted titles "Cock" of the Battle - Cruiser Squadron.
Date: Nov 1922 | Film ID: 290.35 | Cannister ID: G 933  

Description: "An Appropriate Setting" Third Cruiser Squadron hold Boxing Championship in the shadow of H.M.S. Hood's great guns.
Date: Nov 1922 | Film ID: 288.25 | Cannister ID:G 925

Description: "Christmas in Navy- H.M.S. Hood".
Date: Dec 1922 | Film ID: 294.09 | Cannister ID: G 940

Description: "With Only Inches to Spare." H.M.S. Hood transits the Panama Canal.
Sep 1924 | Film ID: 354.02 | Cannister ID: G 1115

Description: Showing the Flag. H.M.S. Hood and Repulse great attractions for holiday makers.
Date: Sep 1926 | Film ID: 632.28 | Cannister ID: G 1326

Description: Atlantic Fleet sports. H.M.S. Hood scores highest aggregate and becomes "Cock of the Fleet".
Date: 1926 | Film ID: 232158 | Cannister ID: G 1312

Description: Atlantic Fleet Regatta. H.M.S. Hood wins Rodman Cup one of the most coveted trophies in the Navy.
Date: Jul 1927 | Film ID: 690.10 | Cannister ID: G 1414

Description: "Unique Naval Occasion" - American, French and British ships-of-war meet and exchange courtesies during passage of the famous Canal. Panama, Central America in 1923.
Date: Mar 1928 | Film ID: 720.18 | Cannister ID:G 1486

Description: "The Navy's Cup Final." Admiral Sir Hubert Brand Presents King's cup to H.M.S. Hood.
Date: Nov 1928 | Film ID: 772.14  | Cannister ID: G 1556

Description: The Fleet of England is Her All in All. Various ships, to include Hood.
Date: Dec 1929 | Film ID: 826.20  | Cannister ID: G 1668

Description: "Ready...Aye...Ready". Assorted footage, to include Hood (with seaplane) sailing from Portsmouth.
Date: Jan 1933 | Film ID: 693.24 & 693.30 | Cannister ID: 33/4

Description: "News in a Nutshell." Footage of H.M.S. Hood in dry dock undergoing repairs following collision with H.M.S. Renown.
Date: Feb 1935 | Film ID: 817.03 | Cannister ID: 35/13

Description: "Pageant of Seapower " Footage of British warships, to include Hood in the River Thames.
Date: May 1935 | Film ID: 831.10 | Cannister ID: 35/39

Description: "Jack Ahoy!" Visitors to H.M.S. Hood during Navy Week, 1935.
Date: Jun 1935 | Film ID: 1644.26 | Cannister ID: 37/30

Description: H.M.S. Hood off Northern Spain.
Date: 1937 | Document ID: 240192 | Cannister ID: 37/30