-H.M.S. Hood Technical Specifications & Armament Information-
Miscellaneous/Other Arms
Updated 06-May-2014

Information on some miscellaneous weapon systems used by the battle cruiser H.M.S. Hood between 1920 and 1941.

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Saluting Cannon: 4 total 3 pdr Hotchkiss Saluting Cannons (carried until 1940)

Field Artillery: Towed howitzer (Royal Marines)

Assorted Small Arms: Standard issue revolvers, Lewis Guns, Lee-Enfield .303 rifles, etc.

Aircraft: 1-2 Fairey "Flycatchers" (up to 1933) and/or 1 Fairey IIIF (1929-1933).
Launching/Flying-off platforms were fitted to "B" and "X" turrets. A catapult, crane and associated equipment were fitted to the quarterdeck aft of "Y" turret during the 1929-1931 refit. These were removed in mid 1932. A mock-up catapult was temporarily fitted to "X" turret during the 1929-1931 refit, but removed before recommissioning. Due to Hood's frequently wet condition as well as the blast effects of the 15" guns, aircraft were ultimately deemed impractical for Hood. All aircraft gear was removed by December 1933.